The other day on etsy i read a blog post they featured about material ‘things’ and how they can either enhance our lives-help us connect with others- or distract us from our lives. She gave an example of how a long time reoccurring fight between her and her husband was over who would wash the dishes. When they finally got a dishwasher it made their lives smoother. Obviously a dishwasher wouldn’t be able to fix an already broken marriage but sometimes ‘things’ can help negate some daily bickering. You can check it out here, it’s a really good read.

It’s made me more aware of the things I have/use/want etc. and the thing that’s enhancing my life right now is a pair of noise canceling ear plugs…

I started working in the social work field, in part, to build up my patience and acquire skills for parenting later on. I learned a lot working with adults that couldn’t tie their own shoes, needed their diapers changed, tried to bite me & to eat rocks and dirt etc. but I made one giant miscalculation…. I worked primarily with clients who were, for one reason or another, non-verbal.


Sooo with ryan’s acid reflux sometimes she’ll shriek for hours after eating and the ear plugs have been a way to turn the volume down a bit. I can still hear her but after days on end of her screaming the ear plugs make it feel more like I’m being hit in the face with a wiffle bat rather than a baseball bat with rusty nails sticking out of it.

I’m still mulling over the other material things in my life and the role they play but the ear plugs are what i’m most grateful for at the moment.